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Commercial Repairs

At Ability Roofing, LLC our highly experienced commercial roofing team knows how to identify and repair roof leaks quickly and on all types of commercial roofing. Our roof repair technicians have seen just about every cause of roofs leaks imaginable. As a commercial building owner or multi-facility manager we understand that it is critical to have your roof leaks repaired properly and in a timely manner so that your tenants, personnel, and business is not interrupted, or equipment damaged. Every roof leak is unique and requires an experienced roof repair contractor with a trained eye. That commercial roof repair company is Ability Roofing, LLC. Our proactive Roof Maintenance Program can help extend your roofs life, and save significant costs rather than paying hefty fees for water damage and damage repairs. Ask about our Roof Maintenance Program today.

Common Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

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Roof penetrations are any items that pierce or go through a roofs membrane. Roof penetrations are one of the most important aspects of a roof system to be installed properly. Improperly installed roof flashings at roof penetrations are a common roof leak area. All roof penetrations are susceptible to leak and must be installed correctly. Types of roof penetrations include drains, exhaust fans, pipes, electrical conduit, gas lines, skylights, vent pipes, and condenser units.

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Ponding water on a flat roof is defined as any water remaining on the roof after a 48 hour period. All flat roofs systems should have positive drainage. Some of the causes of ponding water on a flat roof include clogged or improperly installed roof drains, structural problems, and crushed insulation due to heavy equipment, foot traffic, or insulation getting wet and saturated. One gallon of water weighs approximately 8 pounds, so the weight from ponding water on roofs can add up quick. It is very important to resolve ponding water issues quickly, identify the cause of the ponding, and select the proper solution.

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Alligatoring is the cracking pattern found on a roofs surface, and looks a lot like an alligators skin. Alligatoring is commonly found on smooth surface Built Up Roofs or BUR'S. The sun's UV rays dry out the exposed layer of bituminous asphalt and cracking occurs. Over time cracks will become deep enough to let water in the roof system causing leaks. Alligatoring is a sign that a roof is aging. Mild alligatoring can be repaired, but severe alligatoring can mean a roof needs to be replaced.

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Damaged perimeter metal and membrane wall flashing at the outer edges or parapet walls of a building is a common roof leak area. Perimeter flashing can be damaged due to high winds, improperly installed at roof edges and parapet walls, or shrinkage of the membrane can occur over time. If perimeter flashing is left open to the elements, water and moisture will seep into the roofing system and building causing damage. Routine inspections can prevent damage to a building, and keep personnel and contents safe. Ask about Ability Roofing, LLC preventative maintenance program.

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Poor workmanship and installation is one of the most common reasons why flat roof systems fail prematurely. Manufacturers have specifications, and guidelines for installers to follow for a reason. If a new roof installation is handled by a sub-standard, unlicensed  roofing contractor a lot of things can go wrong, causing a lot of problems in the future. It is critical to have a qualified, experienced roofing company install your roof. Ability Roofing, LLC is certified with various manufacturers to install different types of commercial roofing systems, and we offer workmanship and material warranties through the manufacturers we are certified with. 

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