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Roof Condition Assessment Report

Roof Condition Assessment Report


Our roof condition assessment reports furnish you with the data you need to make intelligent decisions. We document the exact condition of your roof and grade your roof as follows: beyond repair, poor, poor-fair, fair, fair-good, good. We prioritize repair work, and provide you with all recommendations and conclusions. The purpose of the roof condition report is to help guide a long range plan, so you can be proactive and budget for expenditures in advance.


What’s Included:


Observations: Interior inspection of building for evidence of any leaks. Detailed observations of each section of roof, listing any deficiencies of roof system components, and or drainage issues. Notes on the type and number of layers of roof systems executed by core cuts. Age of roof system.


Pictures: Pictures documenting roof area, and identifying weathered, deteriorated and damaged sections of roof membrane, locations of standing water, and associated components and penetrations. All pictures conditions will be noted. An aerial view of building will be provided.


Budget and Plan of Action: Approximate budget cost estimate, pricing for immediate repairs, and problems that are not urgent but will need attention in the future. Roof replacement projections and associated costs if deemed necessary.


Report: A detailed multi page report consisting of all findings, observations, conclusions, pictures, and method utilized. Immediate repair pricing, future areas of concern, and budget replacement projection. A hard and digital copy will be provided to you for your records that can be recalled and expanded in future years.



Coupled with the Ability Roofing, LLC ROOF DEFENDER Preventative Maintenance Program a Roof Condition Assessment Report can:


  • Keep roof in compliance with Manufacturer’s Warranty Requirements.

  • Depending on size of portfolio can possibly eliminate one or more roof system planned replacement costs saving building owners lots of money.



Cost will be determined by, Square Footage of Roof, Location of Roof, and Accessibility

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