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Ability Roofing, LLC has teamed up with Service Finance Company, LLC because so many of our customers have asked about getting their new roof financed. With over twelve financing options available, there is an option for everyone. Customers with good credit scores can have their new roofs financed for 0% Interest Same as Cash for as many as 60 Months (5 Years).


What are the steps needed to having your new roof financed?


  1. First we visit your house and take the necessary measurements for the materials we will need for your new roof.  We explain the choices you have among different styles and types of shingles and material options.

  2. Once you have decided and let us know what style, type and color shingle/material you want, you will receive a proposal from us within for you to review and sign.

  3. Once we have received the signed proposal, we set up a follow up appointment.  Your Ability Roofing, LLC representative will come out to your home for second visit to help you with the financing process.

  4. Your Ability Roofing, LLC representative will explain the different financing options, and you pick the one that is right for you.

  5. A credit application is then submitted by phone or through the Service Finance Company, LLC website or app. Your representative will help guide you through the process.

  6. Generally you will know if you have been accepted for financing within 30 minutes of submitting the credit application.

  7. You schedule a time for your roof replacement.

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