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Ability Roofing, LLC Preventative Maintenance Program 

Owners and facility managers understand that it is a good idea to allot a percentage of their annual budget to preventative maintenance and repairs. As a roofing systems ages, having a preventative maintenance program in place helps extend a roofs life and prevent future costly repairs. Between spring time storms, winter freeze and thaw cycles,  wind, hail, and UV degradation from the suns rays, roofing systems undergo a lot of pressure. A well maintained roof can last many years past the duration of its warranty, prolonging roof replacement, and freeing up money that can be used on other business expenses. A preventative roof maintenance program is a cost effective tax deductible solution that can not only help avoid interior damages caused by roof leaks, but can add years to the serviceable life of a roof system.


Introducing Roof Defender.


Roof Defender is our routine preventative maintenance program that you choose to be performed quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. The cost will be determined by several criteria which include square footage of roof, accessibility, location, type of roof system, number of roof penetrations etc.

What's Included in the Roof Defender Program?

  • Initial and Annual Condition Report = A detailed roof report consisting of the roofs age, condition, size, type, and pictures of potential and current problem areas.

  • Aerial View = An aerial view of building.


  • Inspection Checklist = A inspection checklist with over 50 items related to the roof including, all roof penetrations, flashings, drains, pitch pockets, laps, etc.


  • Debris Removal = Removal of all roof top debris. This may include leaves, branches, or items left by others.


  • Cleaning = Cleaning out Roof Drains, gutters, scuppers, and downspouts.


  • Quotes = Quotes for recommended repairs.


  • Records = A digital copy and hard copy file to keep with your records.



Extend Your Roof’s Life with the Ability Roofing, LLC Roof Defender Program.  Call today to determine if you can benefit.

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